Terms & Conditions

If you have requested a quote you still need to provide a valid credit card to secure your reservation. You must cancel 12 hours prior to your arranged pick up time to avoid a $45 cancellation fee. You can reach us at 1-415 410-8301 or via our  CONTACT FORM.

Thank you for choosing Butterfly Limo Service, we value your business! In the event you need to cancel your reservation, please make sure to contact us 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick up time to avoid a cancellation fee of one hour of your ride. A maximum delay of 15 minutes for all pickups is allowed, after that we will charge $1 per minute PLUS the allowed 15 minutes. All airport pickups must wait at least 15 min. this delay is due to airport policies - any scheduled pickup that does not wait this minimum time and leave airport, will be charged full fare.

In the event of damage to our vehicles and at the drivers' discretion the ride can be terminated without refund. Passengers are financially responsible for any damages made to the vehicle during the ride.

Rides Saturday & Sunday and between 10pm ~ 6am will be charged an extra $10 fee. Please be advised that a $4.00 SFO  fee will be added to the base fare. A $200 to $300 charge can be imposed for a limousine cleanup. While we want you to enjoy your ride, safety still remains our priority; please refrain from hanging out or sitting on side door, windows or sunroof.

Fees and Special Hours:  $10 EXTRA FOR SATURDAY & SUNDAY  and everyday $10 extra between 10pm to 12am ---
$20 extra between 12am to 2am ---  $30 extra between 2am to 4am ---  $10 extra between 4am TO 6am .

We are not responsible for articles lost, stolen or left in the vehicle. Please always check the vehicle for personal items before exiting. We hope to see you soon and continue to extend you our services.